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Neutriherbs Cosmetic Bag

R 149.00

There are some cosmetics that we just cannot go without,whether it be at work, home or school. This bag is therefore a great way to store those cosmetics, not only is it small and convenient enough to fit into your bag, it’s also extremely easy on the eye, and the rose gold colour gives it a chic, elegant look. One of the best things about the bag is that it has the glitter look without the rough texture,it’s smooth and easy on the hand as well.

You are guaranteed to receive a few compliments when taking out this bag.


  • The bag is thick, durable, and strong enough to hold many cosmetic products.

  • Rose gold colour adds a chic, elegant style to the bag

  • More practical to carry your care items, ideal for makeup, medications or other small things

  • Easy to hold your toiletries, shampoo, soap, medicine, etc

  • Travel size, therefore it’s perfect to carry with you to work, school, business trips or where ever else life takes you.

  • Double Zipper


  • 1 x Neutriherbs Cosmetic Bag

What's in the box
1x Neutriherbs Cosmetic Bag

Neutriherbs Cosmetic Bag

Neutriherbs Cosmetic Bag

R 149.00