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ALTA Bamboo Cutting Board
ALTA Bamboo Cutting Board

ALTA Bamboo Cutting Board

R 134.00

Alta is the only high-quality novelty kitchenware brand that helps bring style and warmth into the kitchen so that your kitchen just looks that much better.

The right cutting board is needed in each home to pair with the right knives. Bamboo cutting boards are great as they are durable and recyclable. They are a better financial option as the cutting board lasts longer, therefore you will not be wasting money continuously replacing cutting boards.

The cutting board comes equipped with a hanger to allow for easy storage and placing of cutting board. Hanging the board against your kitchen wall will not only save you space but also add a vibrant pop of colour that will definitely not be missed.

- Bamboo does not absorb water as easily which makes them less prone to cracking and warping.
- Bamboo cutting board compliments almost any kitchen décor
- Bamboo wood does not scar as easily as plastic therefore, it does not have to be replaced as often.
- Bamboo is a highly renewable source, therefore, this product is extremely environmentally friendly.

How to take care of:
- Oil cutting board once a week to increase longevity.
- Wash promptly with soapy water after preparing food.

What's in the box
1 x Bamboo Cutting Board

ALTA Bamboo Cutting Board

ALTA Bamboo Cutting Board

R 134.00